Jermaine Dolla Beal - Accomplished Basketball Coach and Player

About Jermaine Dolla Beal

Jermaine Dolla Beal is an experienced international basketball player and a coach at the Vanderbilt Basketball Camp in Nashville, Tennessee. As a coach, he not only instructs young players in the fundamentals of the sport but works to ensure that all youth athletes have a safe, fun time while practicing drills. Jermaine Dolla Beal regularly displays professional communication and leadership skills in his coaching role, while his abilities as a professional player have resulted in numerous championships and MVP awards in leagues around the world.

Prior to joining the Vanderbilt University program as a coach, Mr. Beal studied business leadership of organizations as a student. In addition to his studies, he played on the Vanderbilt men’s basketball team, during which time he helped lead it to three National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) tournament appearances. His time as a student athlete was highlighted by numerous outreach efforts throughout the local community. He was also afforded the opportunity to travel to Argentina and help individuals there through the REACH missionary program.